You hear this and you hear that, but the fact remains that this game is a game worth more than the criticism says.

User Rating: 10 | Mass Effect 3 PS3
There has been a lot of gripe about how Mass Effect 3 doesn't pay off and how disappointing it is, but I found a lot to be redeemable about this game.

Story: Yes, it was kind of an uproar at the time how much a let down the end was and we were all doubting what we really got out of the game. Here is the thing though, all throughout the game there is payoff. You get to resolve any lose ends in the past games, you get to connect with the characters on another level and the races as well and the moral that life will fight against destruction and stand together reveals more about ourselves than even the deepest stories.

Game play: Better than Mass effect 2 in my opinion. ME2 felt a bit weak in gameplay to me and it felt as if my weapons and powers weren't as effective as they should have, what with me killing gang leaders and a super advanced alien race. This feels like it should, with more oomph for your buck and Shepard controls way better and feels like he has weight and armor. Powers are very effective and it make you want to work on them constantly and get the best weapons.

Graphics: Nice and flashy. A bit glitchy and weird with the shadows, but good overall.

Replay Value: Tons. For every decision you just wish you picked differently and renew any lost friendships because believe me you will get attached to some characters. Different classes,power, and weapons add more customization and multiplier with tons of free dlc make it worth it in itself.

Overall: It is easily worth 9.0 and more despite the criticism and really how many companies care about the franchise enough to add a different, better ending because of fan request. I played this one first and I fell in love with the series. You will love the characters and see this game has more heart than most people have seen in their lives. What else can be said except paragon or renegade? I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite review on this website.