Massive recommendation to everyone for an epic and emotional last farewell to Commander Sheppard and the Normandy's crew

User Rating: 10 | Mass Effect 3: Citadel PC
Intensive, vivid and very humorous dialogues and lines from the beginning to the very finale of this last story of Commander Shepard.
But the Citadel doesn't just end, it brings a whole new endless opportunity for single play - arenas with various enemies and several tweaks, whenever you feel like shooting some bastards like the old times. Along with the engaging story and new combat situations, the DLC comes with a large collection of mini games with real rewards even.

Citadel is packed with action and is heavily cinematic in feel, it is like a classic and very entertaining Hollywood movie. The plot is filled with surprises and some philosophical moments, especially near the end. The feeling of nostalgia persists through the entire experience.

With Citadel Commander Shepard is ultimately set for me as the greatest, sexiest and most human hero in the history of gaming to date. BioWare have brought feelings and attachment to an unparalleled level. A massive thank you to BioWare for inspiring me and captivating my imagination and a massive recommendation to anyone who still haven't played through Citadel.