Mass Effect 3 is emotional and satisfying despite a somewhat disappointing ending

User Rating: 8.5 | Mass Effect 3 PS3
Bethesda's Mass Effect 3 is the game that you were hoping it to be; innovative, exciting, and emotional. Once you set you're eyes to the game's beautiful graphics, you're mouth will water like a fountain. Everything from the graphics, to the score, the voice acting, and the gameplay bring this game together. As Mass Effect 2 focused heavily on character development, this game does a superb job of tightly focusing on story and character development. This helps the characters feel more three dimensional and the connections more perilous in the best way possible. The gameplay also has the tightest controls in the franchise yet, which feel responsive and don't lag very often. The new abilities to leap across platforms, stabbing motions, power attacks and sneak attacks all give the game more to work with making it work better than any of the franchise's predecessors. While all of these things make this one of the better titles to come out, the conclusion might have a less than satisfying response. Without spoiling much, the conclusion feels isn't all that satisfying. Although it is exciting, it all feels too tight and scripted without more outcomes or choices. The game is superb until the choice is left up to you in the end and it'll nearly feel like anal rape to most. Still, cool improvements like customizing armor and weapons are fun. A personal negative might be the lack of customization for regular clothing and only choosing 9 preset options. The game is a satisfying conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy and we can only hope that more is to come in this fresh universe.