If you've been through the first two games, the grand finale of the Mass Effect trilogy is an absolute must-play.

User Rating: 9 | Mass Effect 3 X360
Graphics: 10/10 The graphics of the game are wonderful, as always. The detail of the environments and the lighting effects are great. The characters, uniforms, and other elements are nicely done and it's great to see familiar elements beautifully rendered.

Sound: 9/10 The voiceover work is absolutely fantastic, as always. The voice talents of Freddie Prinze, Jr. is a welcome addition and it's great to have Martin Sheen again as the Illusive Man. Mark Meer as the male Commander Shepard is a thing to welcome back. The music is great as it was in the first two games. The only thing missing is ambient sound (such as several people talking in a room) in some instances.

Control: 9/10 The controls are well-done as they were in the first two games. The only downside is that, in frenzied combat, the controls for rolling, sprinting, and taking cover are very similar and can result in unintentional movements.

Content: 7/10 As a big fan of the first two games, I was overjoyed to see familiar characters and settings. It's awesome to import your save file all the way from the first game and see how your decisions from the first two games impact what happens in the third game.

BioWare has given this new game a riveting story and feel to it. The full impact of the Reaper invasion sets in as you progress, and the game paints a convincing picture of the emotional toll, sacrifice, and devastation of war.

As in the first two games, there's an absolute ton of stuff to take in, including Codex entries, lots of characters to interact with, several side quests, and the feeling of progress as you amass a force to fight the Reapers.

The multiplayer is very well done and is satisfying. The only downside here is that the multiplayer was too integrated with the single player, in that your galactic readiness rating in the single player degrades if you neglect the multiplayer after starting it.
I would have appreciated is a more strategic bent to the game, perhaps directing allied forces to different positions/roles in the final battle in a similar manner to the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2.