Best in the series and one of the best in the genre.

User Rating: 10 | Mass Effect 3 X360
After a couple of reviews, I realized that I have different needs for different genres so for each genre there are going to be different factors that affect the score.

1. The option to customize the look of your character. [1]
(This is a must have, it's an RPG. I want to be able to determine everything, including my face).

2. An easy to use User Interface. [1]
(Managing your characters should be a breeze and not a chore like having to navigate through layers to do one thing).

3. Lots of different looking equipments. [1]
(Where's the fun when all equipments look the same and only the stats are different).

4. The lead character talks. [1]
(A mute lead just doesn't feel right and affects the overall experience of the game).

5. Fun combat. [1]
(It's RPG, it doesn't need to have flashy combos or stuff like that but I do want it to feel smooth, action packed and addictive).

6. A map that shows waypoints. [1]
(Yeah, having to wander for hours just to look for one character to advance a quest is no fun).

7. Over the top sound effects. [1]
(Weapons,magic and everything must have an impact, enough said).

8. Good story. [1]
(If the story isn't interesting then there's no point in playing).

9. New Game Plus. [1]
(What's better than to kick ass in the next playthrough with all the top equipments).

10. Good graphics. [1]
(Graphics should at least look decent. It's an RPG, gameplay and story are what matter but still...).

Total: 10 out of 10