great end for the trilogy

User Rating: 9 | Mass Effect 3 PS3
I play only 2nd part and this now, if you are a fan of ME for sure you will like the 3rd part of the trilogy. better graphics and movement.
if you played the demo you will know what i mean. as usual you can start with either male of female Shepard.
if you have old saving use it to start with the last level you end up on ME2, so i start with level 25 with many upgrade points.
the story get longer with more dialogues and you can choose the style of play as R.P.G or shooting which is a new idea in the series.
i'm still on the early missions but i can conclude the game is really amazing.
i hate the saving system because you have to reach a cretin point to get a new saving which is sometimes far away from the last checkpoint!!

i did not try online game play. but i think i will play it offline as usual.
definitely one of the best games of the year .