Despite Bad Ending, Mass Effect 3 Is An Excellent Game For What It Brings To The Table

User Rating: 9 | Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut PS3

What's happening, gamers? It's about time I review Mass Effect 3. This game won multiple gaming awards. Plus, it was praised by gaming critics & gaming community for gameplay, story, graphics, soundtrack, variety (DLC included) & etc. But, it wasn't perfect for one main reason: controversial ending. Since then, there has been countless stories about ME3's ending & fanbase STILL let BioWare know that they haven't forgotten about it. I've completed it three times (DLC & Extended Cut) on PS3. The game takes place after the events of Mass Effect 2 & about an all out war against Reapers. Does Mass Effect 3 deserves to be more than final mission & questionable ending or is it truly disappointing? Here's my positives & negatives of M.E.3:


Gameplay improved

Players still can control squadmates' powers

Story/plot.....sort of

Memorable characters (Few new & familiar faces)

Reapers are more scary (let alone zero feelings), have one goal: total annihilation & I LIKE THAT!


Memorable DLC (From Ashes, Leviathan, Omega & Citadel)

Replay value



Controversial ending (was & will always be bad for years to come)


Where's the final boss, BioWare?!

There are more positives than negatives & that spells excellent for the game. I know gamers will read this review & think "this user is being bias & not ripping the game into an new one". Anytime an game has memorable DLC, characters, villains have one thing in mind, great gameplay, graphics & ton of content, you'll get Mass Effect 3. But, this game isn't perfect for few things I mentioned. Thank you & keep on gaming, everybody.