a frustrating closure.

User Rating: 6 | Mass Effect 3 PC

Mass Effect 3 has disappointed many fans at the time, but was well received by critics, the game that has 93 in Metacritic, but many people hate the game, I went with the expectations insured, but I admit that I found the game much worse than which I imagined, Mass Effect 3 ended this trilogy in the worst possible way with a very weak end and several holes in the script that several were arranged in the DLC (which is regrettable, the game should have come in whole and not capped), the gameplay by another but it was good, and the graphics are great as well, but it's sad to see that our choices in the previous games have no effect in this game, several characters from other games in that have very small participations and frustrating, Mass Effect 3 ended the trilogy in the worst possible way, it's a game to forget. Note 63