The fun is in the journey not the destination

User Rating: 8 | Mass Effect 3 X360

Mass effect 3 is bioware's conclusion to its epic mass effect trilogy. They have delivered a mostly satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately when people think about this game they think about the ending and how much they hated it. But one thing that you don't hear about to much is everything else. This game deserves to be commended just for the sheer size and scale. Mass effect 3 has you traipsing around the galaxy uniting the different races against the reapers. To do that though you have to deal with all of the problems that you have seen throughout the game. These problems include the genophage, the Quarians and the Geth, and dealing with cerberus. As you progress through the game you will have side missions and things to do to get you galactic readiness up. The higher your galactic readiness the better the ending will be. Unfortuantely to get your galactic readiness up you can play multiplayer or play Iphone mass effect games that link to Mass effect 3. There might be other ways to boost galactic readiness but I didn't find them. I did as much as I possibly could find to do in the single player campaign but my galactic readiness was still only at 50%. Now to talk about the most controversial part of the game the ending. On the scale of just the trilogy this ending is terrible because the final choice is basically what color explosion kills you. (Spoilers ahead) On the other hand with the recent announcment of mass effect andromeda these three choices will have long reaching consequences. What I mean by this is that the first of the tree choices is to destroy all synthetics which will kill the reapers but also all other synthetic life. So in the next mass effect the geth might or might not exist depending on your choice. The next choice synthesis has shepard combine him/herself with the citadel creating synthesis of all organics and synthetics throughout the galaxy. This means that in andromeda all life throughout the galaxy might have changed depending on your choice. The final choice control has you control the reapers. This means that depending on you choice the reapers might still exist in mass effect andromeda. So in the terms of a trilogy the ending just seems to be the same with the reapers being defeated one way or another and you being killed by a different colored explosion. However in the terms on another game these choices can have massive and far reaching consequences. The only other problem I have with the ending is that it makes it look like most of your crew dies in the end. Luckily Bioware released a more complete DLC ending which adds to the story at the end showing that the crew that has survived so far survives the final conflict and gives us a little bit more closure with the characters. I really think that this is an amazing game. I think that the ending could have been much better but I don't think that it was totally teribble. Overall this is definitely a amazing ending to a great trilogy.