A great RPG-shooter you should not miss.

User Rating: 10 | Mass Effect 3 PS3

Mass Effect 3 takes place after Shepard and his crew took down the Collectors in Mass Effect 3 and destroyed an entire solar system by destroying a Mass Relay and causing a batarian colony to die. The game starts out with Shepard being confined and been sentenced. It soon turns out Shepard is needed again when the Reapers attack earth and he has to leave. This time he has to gather the whole galaxy to fight the Reapers and save the galaxy from total armageddon.

In the third entry of the series has the thightest gameplay. With a solid cover system and a great shooting mechanic it makes the best game in the series when it comes to the gameplay mechanics. The cover system works excellent and is the most solid in the series. The progression system has changed slightly compared to the first and second game. This time you can have two attachments to the weapon and choose what weapons you want on your characters. The type of weapons also determine how your fast your shield will recover based on how heavy they are and how many you have. The leveling system also has a new and better system, where you can branch in all skills and adapt it to your playstyle and have your teammates compliment your playstyle.

The deep story is back in this game and it is just as good as it is in other games in the series. The choices have just as big as impact as they have in the earlier games. This time around, not just Earth is on the line, but the entire galaxy. Going to the destruction of Palaven and trying to save Thessia are just few examples. A lot more is on the line this time around in every choice when bulding up the army and trying to save the galaxy by uniting all the races. The characters and the story itself are at their best and just as good as it was in the first two games. The desperation is clear, losing people by the millions and having to make hard choices to save more lives. The story is definitely at it's peak when it comes to what is at stake in this game. The characters also show what they have been struggling with and what they have to go through to manage to get the courage and keep the fear from taking over them. Same goes for Shepard aswell.

The voice acting is also holds an excellent standard in this game. The actors and the writing provoke emotions that really reach the player. With so much more at stake in this game, they do an excellent job getting it across. Because of the voice acting the game get's a great level of depth.

The graphics in this game is as good as ever. The game runs smooth most of the time with small framerate issues on the Playstation 3. It has some minor glitches. But they are so small you won't even notice and they don't affect gameplay the slightest. The game runs very well for most of the time and the new graphics in this game compliments the story. Seing more of the facial expressions than before gives you more emotion in each scene.


It's a great game with excellent voice acting, story, characters, progression and gameplay. It's a game you must have if you like good storytelling.

Gameplay: 10

Story: 10

Audio: 10

Tilt: 10

Value: 10

Graphics: 10

Overall Score: 10

+ Great voice acting

+ Great story

+ Great gameplay

+ Great progression system