Why would I go back? (ME4)

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Mass Effect was one of the greatest universes ever thought of. The depth of the lore was incredible. For example, reading about a random planet in ME1 that has a giant chasm caused by the glancing armament blow from some crazy ancient space battle was so immersive and awesome! I was absolutely bought into this franchise more than I'd ever been. I loved this series more than any fiction I've ever experienced.

Than the ending ruined and blew up everything unique and cool about the universe in five minutes by the hand of some glow-brat no matter what I chose:

Destroy ~~~ Saved the Geth, thought they were indispensably awesome (Legion was sooooo tight), worked to get the Quarians and Geth to be at peace. Therefore the destroy ending was NOT EVEN UP FOR CONSIDERATION. THANKS GLOW-BRAT.

Control ~~~ I have to ultimately agree with the Illusive man??? I become some corporeal god? Are effing kidding me? How does this fit into the "science" in this science fiction? Ultimately I understand if this is the choice people made, but think about it! How does any interesting game come to be in this universe after God-Shephard goes about "reap-posing" his opinion/influence over all? Am I the bad guy now? W T F? THANKS GLOW-BRAT.

Synthesis ~~~ The pillar of what made this universe was the races of aliens that populated it. Their unique histories. Their different beliefs, cultures and traits: If I choose synthesis, now everybody is THE F* * * ing SAME. This is UNACCEPTABLE not just for my personal philosophical reasons, but imagine if Star Wars or Star Trek ended this way? Every alien and human are apart of some conglomerate network of being? It's UNIVERSE DESTROYING. THANKS GLOW-BRAT.

Refusal ~~~ Everyone you care about dies, continue the cycle, the end. WOW. THANKS FOR THE DLC, EVER-PESSIMISTIC-GLOW-BRAT.

To top it all off, no matter what, the RELAYS ARE DESTROYED??? These are what gave the galaxy's inhabitants an ability to travel across the stars to one another. Not to mention this was the main artery of what made Mass Effect unique to other big sci-fi franchises. THANKS GLOW-BRAT.

I wanted to rant about my undying hatred for this ending, and also to see why anybody would even remotely want to play a 4th game in this franchise now. Or do you think I'm wrong and the endings were alright? Lemme know.