What is the controversy in the stock photo controversy? *spoilers*

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I remember there being a fuss over the fact that the Tali face photo was based off a stock photo, at the time I didn't feel like following the argument because it came out at the peak of the nerd rage surrounding Mass Effect.


I has assumed people were disgusted by the idea of a stock photo being used, but it occurred to me that a lot of people might have just felt the way I felt, that quarians looking THAT human just felt a little too much like fan service.  I am pretty sure quarians were described in the codex prior to ME3 as having human-esque faces, but it feels odd that the quarians look even more human than the space babe Asari.

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The problem was that bioware made a huge fuss over tali's face as if it was important for fans to know how she looked like. ME3 had lot's of improvements that bioware told prior to game release (combat, kinect, powers, multiplayer,...) and tali's face was one the things that was going to be adressed. bioware then trows a "low res + dds compression" image and slaps it on a frame. Talk about laziness.