[SPOILERS] Mass Effect 3 Ending confusion

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I just finished playing Mass Effect 3 and in the ending I got only 2 options: Destroy or Control. This obviously means that my EMS was NOT more than 2800 otherwise I would've got the Synthesize option as well. I chose the Destroy option and it showed the Reapers getting destroyed but the Big Ben was intact and the soldiers celebrated. Now after this there was a scene of the Normandy crashing on an unknown planet and Joker, Liara and Garrus coming out of the ship. But according to the mass effect wiki: If EMS is substantially low (below ~2000), nobody exits the Normandy. If EMS is moderately high (above minimum, below maximum) and Destroy or Control are chosen, Joker and the player's most-favored crew mate will exit the ship. If Synthesis is chosen, Joker, EDI, and the player's most-favored crew member will exit the ship. Joker and EDI will embrace. If EMS is 4000+ then three crew members will exit in the Destroy and Control endings; Joker and two of the player's most-favored crew mates. My question is, when my EMS is obviously below 2800, how did I get the last ending (i.e three crew members exiting the Normandy instead of 2)? Here is the link http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Priority:_Earth
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You have the EC installed not the original ending.  In the EC you only need about 2650 to get the best control/destroy endings and 2800 to get synthesis. This makes it easier to get the best ending allowing people without the other DLC's to get the best endings without doing EVERY SINGLE sidequest.