Net connection required *during play* for Extended Cut?

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I'm borrowing a friend's ME3 and I've downloaded Extended Cut on the 360. I can't see a way to "install" it, so I'm just assuming that having it on the hard-drive is enough. However, when I load ME3 and lack an internet connection, it says online access is needed for 'online content'. Do I need to be online to get the extended cut stuff when I get to the end of the game, or logging in with my EA account? Or is just enough to have it on the drive? ALso, at the start of the game it says I need an "Online Pass" to activate online content; does this included the extended cut, and if so, can I do that with me EA account?

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You're good to go. Online connection is only required to download the actual "Extended Cut" DLC. After that, it's all located offline on your hard drive. Once you reach end game, it will play out by itself with no additional installation.
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Ah, good; much obliged.