N7 Paladin Spec Opinion?

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I just leveled my Paladin up to 20 and I can't decide what to do with my last 6 points.

I have Incinerate and Snap Freeze fully leveled, and I have 5 points in both Energy Drain and the N7 Paladin tree (leaving 3 points in the health/melee tree). I have all the tech powers spec'ed to rock tech combos. But I can't decide whether to put the last level up into

a) Energy Drain +40% damage

b) Energy Drain +40% damage reduction for 10 seconds

c) N7 Paladin -20% gun weight

I use a single gun: a level X Revenant, with a stabilizer, which is quite effective on any enemy at any range. That gives me +135% recharge speed, but it still feels a little slow (the cooldown on Snap Freeze especially is quite long). So I'd like to reduce gun weight, but both remaining Energy Drain options also sound appealing.


P.S. I named my Paladin Solaire, since he's one of my favorite video game Knight characters, and I made him red and yellow... and he ended up looking like Iron Man instead, by accident. He looks awesome though.