Is it me or is combat bugged to hell?

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Finally broke down and bought 3 just to finish this trilogy once and for all. (Very leery of how it might end based on all the fuss)

I find the combat to be quite clunky in 3 vs. prior versions, although it has been a while now. Combat has never been the srong suit of this game, but I really don't like the feel of it in 3. And the companions are all bugged out. They rarely move where I tell them and often I can't even see or find them on the battle field - when they should be right next to me.

If I'm wrong, what should know?

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I actually found the combat of the game the most fluid out of all three games in terms of mechanics, but it's still behind Gears of War.  And yes the ending of the game isn't something to look forward to.

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Whatever your opinions on the ending (I liked it) the combat did seem to take a step back in this game.  In ME2 powers would almost always knock an enemy out of cover and heavily damage them, but in ME3 combat seems to focus more on your guns and powers that buff your guns rather than attack your enemy. Depending on how you fight this is the best or worst news ever. For Infiltrators (like me) it was amazing, even on Hardcore mode I can handle almost any boss in the game without using any powers except cloak. But for my Biotic characters it was alot harder to play the game. Also the lack of biotic team members (Liara is the only biotic) makes it much harder to combo your biotic powers.

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I'm sorry but the Mass Effect 3 ending is the most appalling piece of fiction I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing.  I hope you're referring to the Exteneded Cut when you said you liked the ending.

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Call me crazy then because I too, enjoyed the original ending. Everything that can be said has been said before concerning wether it was a "good" ending or not, but I will tell you this. I was so satisfied with the ending as it was that I never bothered to download or watch the "extended" ending.

Concerning the combat/gameplay, I found the first Mass Effect to be lacking in this area, but 2 and 3 I thought were both very well done. I felt like 3 was very similiar to 2 only slightly more "tuned". I still pickup and play some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer here and there in-between other games (the free map packs definitely help).

As for buggy AI or anything like that, I can't say I experienced any. I imagine you have connected your xbox to the internet to receive any updates that may be available when you launch the game?

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The only advice I can give you is to be a more active viewer and raise your viewing standards. No true Mass Effect fan can love the ending.

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it's just you. the combat is the best in the series. good enough to make a whole multiplayer experience out of it and it's damn good. ive spent a lot of time on the multiplayer its awesome.