I know this might be asked freqeuntly but... romance question

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I romanced garrus in ME2. I want to continue the romance in ME3, however I ccidentally flirted with Spec. Taylor. I ended up inviting her to my room, but we only played chess. I read a guide that said it was too late to romance anyone else because the invite to my room locked me in, even if I didn't opt the shower. Other guides weren't as specific. Did i lock Garrus out? I already spoke to him after Palaven and in the cockpit but I'm unsure.
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As long as you don't persue Spec Traynor you should be alright to continue your relationship with Garrus.  As long as you did NOT flirt with Traynor when you were playing chess together.

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i dont think so you should still be good with your romance with garrus