Good game, but have to whine about some things. Chose this forum to do it.

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here are my whines as the tiniest violin in the world plays in the background 1. Ashley Williams. So I go to Huerta hospital to visit the least likeable person in the universe, only to find out she was made a Spector too! UGH! So shepard's whole thing about being the only human spector ever just gets thrown out the window. Now he's no better than Ashley freaking williams. Some classless girl who talks like a drunken sailor and gets put in the hospital by a walking toaster but doesn't have the decency to just die and save everyone the aggravatino of listening to her second guess everything they do. Annoying. 2."Commander" shepard. That title used to be kind of cool but now everybody is a commander. You can't sit down for a cup of coffee on the citadel without running into at least 5 commanders along the way. The owner of the coffee shop is probably a commander. Everyone and everything in this game is a commander. Annoying. 3.kal lieng or whatever his stupid name. Sword guy. Who was thrown in out of nowhere to gvie shepherd a rival. Which is fine, except hes thrown in so carelessly he just ends up making shepard look bad. Rival is usually a nice touch but there's a right way to do it, and a wrong way. The wrong way is to use you're main character as a prop to make new guy look good. It's unnecessary. And easily avoided if you just give main-guy an excuse for losing. Let the rivla-out-of-nowhere be on steroids or something. Give him a cheat weapon. Something. But don't make him the same as shepard and still win. I mean I get that it's suppoed to make players go "ooh I hate that guy I'm so gonna shoot him next time" but you can do that without also making people hate shepard for losing. And by extension also hate new-guy-out-of-nowhere. Annoying. 4. Aria - Why let her talk to Shepard like a dog? Why did that seem a good idea? Is she that important to the story to put her above shepard? What's with the masseffect writers always using Shepard to prop people up? Why not have a cutscene with one of his slaves I mean followers, like, I dunno, maybe the lovely Ashley Williams? If the only way you can make Aria look badass and powerful is by demeaning other characters, let her do it at Ashley Williams expense. Annoying 5. Admiral Hackett and whatever the black guys name was. Why is shepard still their yes man? Why are they the ones giving speeches to the troops and being all cool and not the main character? it's not part 1 anymore, this is the finale. Did Commander(lol rolf) Shepard miss the day they were handing out promotions? I mean Tali Zora is a freaking admiral. TALI! how does that happen. Doesn't that mean Shepard officially has to say "yes sir" to Tali from now on too? TALI outranks him lol. Annoying. sorry for whining, thanks to anyone who responds even if it's just to tell me I am wrong and/or suck
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yet you didn't moan about the ending of all things
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I am starting to become a big believer in the idea that your actions define you, not your class/rank.  For instance you could be a generic soldier instead of an rare powerful adept, but your actions are what would put you above the rest.  I used to obsess over making my character as unique as possible, but have to come to realize that is silly.

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This thread is full of epic fail.

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I'll agree on 2 and 3. I thought Ashley's voice acting was tremendously improved this game, and she wasn't a major player (seemingly), which was positive. My main gripe is that it's basically impossible to get a 'good' ending without doing multiplayer. Give me single player, in-character, canon survival missions to up my readiness instead, please. Don't force me to break the narrative/immersion.
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Kai Leng isn't a new character to the story just new to the games he is mentioned alot in the books, but I do agree with the Aria thing a little as I would have loved it if Shepard could have taken her down a peg or two but then I guess he wouldn't have got her help suppose.

To be fair they did give Kai Leng an advantage on Thessia (SPOILER ALERT)............. As he had a gunship covering his ass if it hadn't been for that thing shooting at Shepard, Kai Leng would have died there.

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Agree with poster above... this post is epic fail..