Do you need to have played the previous games in order undersand the game?

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So a friend of mine recently decided to play ME3,even though he hasn't played the previous games.I advised him to play ME 1 and 2 first,seeing as the default save is pretty bad,but he wouldn't listen. Now that he has the game and is playing it, I just can't shake the feeling that he won't like the game ,because he doesn't know the characters,nor does he know the backstory. So do you think it's possible to enjoy this game without knowing anything about the first two?

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It will have alot of gaps and a different gameplay if you dont play the other 2 ME.Taking the paragon path and doing all and i mean all missions will improve the gameplay in ME3.

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In short, yes. Would you want to begin reading the third Harry Potter book before the first two? It ruins the experience for you.