Citadel dlc mission?? Not getting an email so can't start it!!?? HELP

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basically just bought the dlc and downloaded both parts! Reloaded game tonnes of time! Turned Xbox off a few times too! Flown to other systems and still not getting the email!!! What am I doing wrong??? I have finished game so it's rresuming from the bit b4 u go on to tackle the ilusive man and have just finished omega dlc! Infuriating to say the least! Any help welcome 

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It happened to me, go to your hard drive and delete both files for the DLC, redownload both of them again and it should work. Email appears on your terminal after the attack on the Citadel.
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I have tried that and it says that I have not downloaded part 2 yet when I did 5 time already
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Then I guess you are shit out of luck guy with one post haha!