Best RPG I have ever played!

User Rating: 9.5 | Mass Effect 2 X360
Now, I have never played Mass Effect 1 and it was just because I was just too scared to try it, still am even today. Ever since I heard that the same makers of Jade Empire were making this series, I thought to myself that maybe they would make a new Jade Empire too.....but I was wrong. I love Jade Empire for Xbox, it was mostly story driven, good gameplay and rediculously vast in environment(well for back then it was impressive.). Then when Mass Effect 2 came out, I started hearing soooo much praise and so many people telling me: "Oh, you should totally get it, you'll love the f**** out of it!" So when it eventually lowered the price, I thought yeah, why not?

I bought it and was just taken away by one hell of a ride! It threw me into the role of Shepard in the Normandy as it is under attack. I'm like, starting off with a surprise? Ok, I'll bite. Then Shepard dies. ??? This is where you can construct your character. I love how Bioware kept same idea of your character talking through choices made by you. A method they had with Jade Empire. This method works extremely well in making you feel like you're actually influencing the story. I'm a big fan of those games and also loved Fable II for it. But as much I liked walking around with a sword in Fable, I just never felt like I was progressing as a hero. Sure the people follow and praise you but you never really make that much of a name for yourself. Just nicknames like Hero, and Adventurer. But when I played Mass Effect 2, I realized that I just haven't played a real New Gen RPG!

Mass Effect does what most RPGs don't and that's keep you engaged to the story and feel like there is real development involved in characters. I knew Bioware had brilliant writers since Jade Empire but I never knew they could make something like this. This game is an RPG but it hides it in a clever way that appeals to just about anyone! It has a great combat system that combines action with some RPG tactics like the use of powers. I noticed that from the start, Shepard is already a well known hero which makes me feel sad that I didn't see how he got there. This is what seperates it from Fable, every Fable you start from scratch to hero. Cool at first but it eventually wears its welcome. Mass Effect lets you continue your character's story from game to game.

The graphics are some of the best I have seen so far in any game. Each alien race has destinct features and are very unique. The voice acting is superb and kills most competition so far. Well, they are mainly well established actors but not all actors make good voice actors. Games like Ghostbusters and Spider Man 3 and 2 are good examples. And overall, the gameplay is very solid and action packed. Some minor glitches but not nearly as bad as other games. For the first time in years I found myself glued to the screen feeling like a kid again where I can play one game for hours and hours on end. If you like Gears of War, you'll like this. If you like shooting games, you like this. If you love RPGs, you'll like this but if you don't like action games, you might want to turn away. Mass Effect 2 is not your usual RPG which is for better of for worse depending on your taste. This is now my favorite RPG of all time next to Final Fantasy VII, VI, Fable I, II, and Jade Empire.