Worst thing I ever did in the Mass Effect series

User Rating: 4.5 | Mass Effect 2: Firewalker PC
Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games I've ever played, and I scored it very highly when it just came out. But Firewalker is pointless, obscure, weird, clumsy, uninspired, and a waste of time without the ability to save or quick save in order to avoid restarting the pointless exercise all the way from the beginning. I've no idea what BioWare was thinking really. Playing this thing is almost painful...but I just like to know the end of everything. Oh well.

Heck, seriously, driving the vehicle in Mass Effect 1 was probably just a bit more fun than this! Heh.

And the review needs a few more characters, but I'm just out of things to say about this total letdown of a DLC. It's a vehicle that you drive around, seemingly collecting data, and the "challenging" part of it is how adjust speed and jumping and maneuvering all to hop from one high point to another, and avoid falling in lava, which would kill you and you'd have to start the whole thing from the beginning because BioWare thought it's cool not to let you save the game after you've done a few jumps correctly. They probably thought everyone is not going to find this Firewalker exercise...painful. Well, some people did find it painful...so that's a lesson for BioWare and other developers to allow us to just save the game next time. Giving the option to the user is not going to spoil their experience, is it??