Unbelievably great in every aspect!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Mass Effect 2 PS3
I had my doubts on Mass Effect when it first hit for the 360 and I heard all the hype about it. But when they made it for the PS3 (and man am I glad they did) I decided I would give it a shot. And all I can say is Bioware has done it yet again. And although I am not a huge fan of outer space games besides Dead Space series, this game won me over in every way. Long long hours of gameplay and tons of missions and side missions to complete. You play as an ex-hero who wuz killed and rebuilt by his rival company Cerberus who he is now forced to work with and rebuild a team to take on the dreadful Collectors who plan to eradicate the human race and other alien races. He is accompanied by many different great personalities- Jacob a human who worked with Shephard's (main character) old company the Alliance. Jacob tries to be the serious type. Miranda- the chick with the Brit accent who has amazing biotic abilities. Mordin- a Salarian scientist who has more brains than he knows wat to do with. Garrus- One of Shephards old Alliance crew members and who is one tough cookie and a weapons specialist. And many many more u will encounter as u progress. The graphics are simply stunning. When u are orbiting from planet to planet the details are awesome. Oh and the planets that are out there for u to find and explore are aplenty. Another thing I wuz impressed with was the battle system. Its your standard run and gun and take cover like alot of shooters but seeing how Bioware did Dragon Age Origins battle system I was impressed and glad they went this route. And Shephard can choose how he wants to be looked at by others, either a Renegade (badass) or Paragon (more of a good guy). And depending on what actions u choose will depend on how your allies and enemies will treat u and react to u. U also can have sexual relations with several members of the crew if u play your cards right. Its fun to see how far u can go with characters like Jack without her going psychotic on u ha!!! To sum it all up tho, this is a must buy for anyone who enjoys a great game and u better believe in Bioware and never doubt them cuz they have done it yet again!!! Mass Effect 3 will be another must buy!!! GO GET THIS IF U AIN"T ALREADY!!!!!!!