Great story bad price

User Rating: 7 | Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker PC
Unlike Bioware's recently launch DLC for DA:O (Witch Hunt), this DLC has a strong storyline and fun action. Whether you had a relationship with Liara and/or are simply interested in finally confronting the Shadow Broker, this DLC is certainly for you. While I would give the story an 8-9, I just cannot elevate the overall score due to the cost. $10 for at best a few hours of content is simply too much. DLC of this length should be at most $7 with $5 being more in-line. I love the DLC concept, but they really have failed to strike the correct cost/benefit. Shadow Broker is a lot of fun but way overpriced.

Technically I did experience two crashes. The most problematic came at the very end and seems to have changed the outcome of some dialog I had prior to the cash. The only way to fix this would be to replay the final mission which I don't really care to do. Really frustrating and could have implications in the next ME for my character.