Mass Effect 2 is an immersive and beautiful experience.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mass Effect 2 X360
The original Mass Effect was lauded upon release, although it had its far share of bugs, it was critically acclaimed and its sequel was one of the most anticipated titles of 2010.
Mass Effect 2 lives up to its prequel in every single way. Building on the galaxy as we knew it and exposing the dark side that lies beneath.

The graphics have had some tweaking since the first game, armour is much more detailed, and the game overall looks a lot smoother. I noticed that the cutscenes in this game were much better than Mass Effect.

The Gameplay was changed quite a bit. My only disappointment in the entire game was the simple fact that it had evolved much more into a shooter. Personally i played through the first game focussing much more on Biotics and Tech abilities, the new powers were a pleasant surprise, but when it came to weapons it was very disappointing to find the game had now included ammunition, which is sad, the original's codex perfectly explained why the system was the way it was, and there is no problem with that, its 170 years in the future, weapons systems are likely to have changed. It just seems though that the ammunition was unnecessary.
The new hud is much better, also the addition of armour, barriers and shields on the health bars was good, it partially offsets the people who think you can just shoot through everything, I mean you could, but throw in a biotic and a tech and you wont have to, for all the people complaining you run out of ammo you wont and for those of you who like achievements, it will work towards them as well.

The music was much like the last version very 'spacey' i guess you could call it, and it suits the situation it is used in.
It was also a pleasure to have Martin Sheen as the illusive man, funny how he went from the president in the West Wing to the leader of a pro-human syndicate disliked by galactic governments.

All in all it was an incredible experience, the base gameplay and story that made the original so great for the most part stick around, and many of the flaws have been eliminated. When Times magazine declared it the Avatar of video games, you can understand why.