Mass Effect 2 is a blast!

User Rating: 10 | Mass Effect 2 X360

My 145th review after Halo: Reach.

This game is about Shepard who has died of asphyxiation as his/her body is pulled into the orbit of a nearby planet after a suit breach and the SSV Normandy is attacked by an unknown starship, forcing the crew to abandon ship while patrolling for geth resistance and Shepard tosses Joker into the Normandy's final escape pod before being blasted into space during the evacuation. Then Shepard's body is recovered shortly after death by Cerberus, who creates the Lazarus Project with the sole purpose of bringing Shepard back to life. After two years, Shepard awakens on an operating table to ringing alarm bells in a research station under attack by it's own security mechs. Well I've played the demo of this game and all I need to say is, with cool cast of characters, beautifully colorful graphics, very neat design, stunning game-play and combat, and excellent voice-acting, music, and sound effects, this game is definitely gonna get an A++! Here the results:

Voice-acting 10/10: Wow, what can I say! It's so excellent!

Game-play 10/10: Due to how stunning the game-play and combat is, this game will immediately suck you in right away. Even the level design is incredibly neat.

Graphics 10/10: So beautifully colorful!

Controls 10/10: Terrific!

Sound/Music 10/10: Same as the Voice-acting!

Lasting Appeal 10/10: Do I recommend this game? ABSOLUTELY! It is a must for PC game players!

Overall, Mass Effect 2 is a masterpiece and is highly recommended!

The Good:

-Great story

-Cool cast of characters

-Stunning game-play and combat

-Neat design

-Excellent voice-acting, sound effects and music

-Beautifully colorful graphics

The Bad:

-One thing what can get boring is scanning planets

This is a very enjoyable game! Go ahead! Give it a play and you'll be like "Oh my god, this game rocks! Everything about this game rocks! Everything! The cool characters including Shepard, Miranda, and Jacob, stunning game-play and combat, pretty nice design, great voice-acting, music, and sound effects, and beautiful graphics." Yeah, even Shepard, Miranda and Jacob are my favorite characters of the franchise. That's the end of my review. Good night everyone!

Mass Effect 2 gets a 10 out of 10!