Genesis DLC Question

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I've reinstalled all my ME2 stuff, so I can play through, then import my ME2 Shep to ME3. I've purchased the Genesis DLC from BioWare/Origin; which is supposed to be a short interactive "graphic novel" type let me make all the key choices that were in Mass Effect (which I never played).

Anyone know at what point in ME2 (or how else) I'll be able to access the Genesis DLC? Seems like it should be available BEFORE the ME2 intro decisions made in ME (i.e. whether it was Kaiden or Ashley who survived) should affect who runs to tell me "we're in the ****", when the Normandy is attacked by the Collectors. However, when I start ME2; it goes right into the standard intro scenes...................leaving me wondering when I get to make my ME "choices" via the Genasis DLC?


UPDATE: Thanks for the replies! :lol: The graphic novel back story starts right after Shep is blown out of the Normandy.....should have let the opening movie play a little longer when I started the game the first time.