It's the best Spiderman game, but not an excellent example of its kind

User Rating: 7 | Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
I've always love Spiderman and to be honest, this game is the best Spiderman game that have been ever made since the dawn of video games. I'm gonna be short and to-the-point with the things that I wanna say about it: 1. The Web Swinging Mechanic: - The good: It feels great, excellently executed, swinging around the city is so much fun that you wouldn't use Fast Travel fucntion. It feels real, the web is shot at actual points on the buildings and structures, the momentum building up makes you excited. - The Bad: the impacts Spiderman makes when hitting buildings and the ground are super clumsily made. There is no physics there. 2. The Graphic: - The good: vibrant, lively city really hypes you up, cutscenes are well directed, good camera job, very detailed suits and gadgets. The Bad: Except for things that is Spidey-related, everything else's detail level is pathetic. 3. The Sound: - The good: there's nothing to complain about, very humorous Spidey voice. - The Bad: they use the wrong Chinese for the mobs in the game and it grinds me so much. Majority of Chinese living in the US should speaks Cantonese, not Madarin. 4. The gameplay: - The good: there is nothing too bad - The bad: + Not challenging at all: every collectibles and secrets are displayed on the map, there is absolutely no effort to flat this game out. + The combat becomes repeative after awhile, more combat animations would fix this. + The map is relatively small despite the not-very-detailed factors. + The side missions are mostly boring and feel like a drag. + The game could have offered more contents. Conclusion: This game is the best Spiderman, but the crown of this kind of game still remains on Batman's head with Arkham Knight.