Talizaeloise/kayums /KS513 is a thief and scammer. Beware!

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Hello to the Marvel: WoH community.

I created this account solely for the purposes of warning everyone about yet another (unfortunately) card thief and scammer. He/she has stolen leg deadpool, lots of other leg cards, from MULTIPLE people. I consider it a public service to go out of my way to post on as many WOH forums as I can warning others about this person who will ask to be your tm and wait out the two weeks before middling and/or request to catalog your cards, then bailing and dropping you immediately as tm. This guy is shameless - nothing pisses me off quite like stealing from my mates the rubbing it in their faces by rallying them with sh**. The accounts are:





...and over 50 more accounts... (see screenshot attached)[IMG]http://i1118.photobucket.com/albums/k606/Iioa/IMG_2861.jpg[/IMG]

So, please spread the word! Be smart! And please beware! Do NOT add as team member! Scumbags like this need oversight and need to be blacklisted.

Yours truly,


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Sorry, here is the actual screenshot:

More where that came from, though. ;/