Marvel: War of Heroes Referral Code: pdu680739 + TIPS

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Referral Code: pdu680739

Marvel is finally out for iOS and Android! For those who pre-registered, check your email for the pre-registration code (You'll get a Rare Black Widow Card).

Don't start playing Marvel without a referral code! Entering one upon registration will earn you a rare card (another Rare Black Widow!). It will be a great boost to start off the game.

I'll appreciate it if you entered mine: dnk081281. See you in the game and have fun!

Referral Code: pdu680739


1. Most cards only have 2 stages of evolution.
2. Mastery System - When a card is "mastered", it gains additional stats. Cards gain mastery levels when questing (random card from your list receives some mastery points) or during battles (cards in your atk deck will gain mastery points).
3. Resources (Treasures) can be completed 3 times each for 3 rewards.


1. 2 week trade ban (You can't trade with a player unless they've been in your friends list or you're in the same guild for at least 2 weeks).
2. Enhancing takes quite a bit of time.
3. You only get personal (untradable) energy packs from quests and bonuses.


1. Put your first status points on energy.

2.The number of stats you'll be putting into energy will depend mostly on your playing schedule. If you can check up every hour to use up your energy, 60 total energy will do. You can adjust it depending on how often you play.

3. Keep your silver in the gift box! Think of it as a bank. A lot of silver is needed to enhance and evolve your card and people will be trying to steal your loot. By keeping your silver in the gift box, you're protecting it from being stolen. When you need the silver, just receive it from the gift box.

4. Higher ranked cards will give more experience when used as enhancers. Evolve your feeder cards first before using them to enhance.

5. Complete the first Resource set (Storm's Cape) 3 times to get 2 Rare Storms and an ISO-8. They only require 10 power so they will fit perfectly into any beginning deck!

6. Save your ISO-8 cards to level up your high rank cards.

7. Mastery Points Farming: Create/Edit a new atk deck (aside from your suggested offensive deck). Place the cards that you want to master into this deck. When battling, search for player with low defense power (< 20) and battle them.

8. Evolving and Max Enhancing:
- base 4* and up cards: Fully Enhance and Master both the base card and the fuser card before evolving (recommended)
- base 3*: Fully Enhance and Master one/both cards before evolving (optional, not suggested)
- base 1* & 2*: DO NOT Fully Enhance and Master, they are mainly feeder (enhancing) cards.
Note: When using a fully enhanced card in fusion, 10% of the cards stats will be transferred to the evolved card. Otherwise, only 5% will be transferred.

9. Mastery levels (when maxed) transfer when fusing.

10. Always fight for resources since you can collect 3 sets instead of one like all the other card games. (Contributed by: Malithar)

Plus, you can donate the resources to increase the rank and silver of your alliance.

11. Always have max team members! Every team member you have gives you an additional 5 status points.

12. Make sure you have enough energy to fight in a quest at least 3 times. You gain rewards only if you fight in a quest at least 3 times.

13. Skill Lvl: Boosting a UR with 1 Rare (w/ skill) will have a 4% chance of increasing skill lvl; using 10 Rares (w/ skills) will have a 40% chance of increasing skill lvl.

14. Farm Operation 2 for booster cards. (Personally, I farm 2-4).

more to follow

Referral Code: pdu680739

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Great post. Good stuff here and recommendations help a noob get straight to leveling and enjoying the game with a strong deck. However, I will add some things that caught me off guard: 1. Ultimate Card Packs - don't be fooled by the lustrous card packs. UNCOMMONS are in the draw mix. You can earn these uncommons by completing quests so the fact that mobage has added them into the $3 pack mix is frankly, insulting. I personally don't buy either packs unless they are on sale - typical price is $1. However, they do run a special: $2 for a guaranteed rare or higher card. 2. Uncommon ratio in UCPs seems to be about 1:7. Data was collected across my alliance on this one. So you still have a better chance of getting a rare, but I figure people would like to know the chances before they pay. 3. The referral system has been updated. The new friend card is Jean Grey (Black Widow is now retired). There are 4 evolutions of the card. You can get this card in the same fashion as black widow. When you start playing, after the tutorial enter a referral code: ptv159026 and you'll get the Jean Grey card as well as the owner of the referral code. Get 3 more of your friends to join and you can make the 4th evolution Jean Grey which is Ultra Rare (UR) quality. The game is still great. Stability is much better than the applibot games (Legend of Cryptids, Monster Maestro, etc) So if you want to invest your money in a game, I would recommend this one. ~DX
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