Free Moba coins

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I saw this on the Neoseeker forums and it does work. You need to be patient and possibly have your friends help you out but if you take the time to actually do it, you can get a free $10 google play gift card. You download a free app, called Free my app and follow their instructions. They promote free games and all you need to do is play them for 30 secs, log out and uninstall the game to get the credits towards the gift card. Use my link if you want It is absolutely free and it does work. I'm just trying to help people out because we all know that moba coins are expensive to buy and you aren't even guaranteed to get any good cards in any of the games. You can use the coins in any of the mobage games you play. My name in MWOH is sigant291, so you can rally spam the crap out of me if it doesn't work. Enjoy your free coins