Though it's not quite as awesome as it's precursor, MVC3 still manages to be quite a fun time.

User Rating: 8 | Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds PS3
It's been over 10 years since Marvel vs Capcom 2 came out. A lot has happened since then, but none the less Marvel vs Capcom 2 became one of the greatest fighting games ever made. With that in mind Marvel vs Capcom 3 has a lot of weight on it's shoulders.

Hahahahaha storyline right............

Now the gameplay is just as ridiculous as it's ever been. Like Marvel vs Capcom 2, you've got a team of 3 fighters. Gameplay is very similar to it's precursor, and basically any other Capcom fighter, but with the 3 team feature, and the Marvel characters, you can expect a ridiculously fun fighter. Now the online does have it's issues, the main one being no spectator mode, but when you're in a fight, it's pretty fun.

The game is very pretty. It does it's best to emulate a comic book, and it does so to great effect. Now I'm not sure if I prefer the character models here to the 2-D sprites in MVC2, but still this is a great looking game.

The sound effects in themselves are great, but the voice acting is kind of a mixed bag. The Marvel characters all sound great, but the english acting for the Capcom characters is really quite bad. I recommend setting them to the Japanese voices, MUCH better.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a bit of a disappointment, but overall it's a great game. It may not be as good as we were hoping, but it's still a fun ride.