For People with A,D,D

User Rating: 7.5 | Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds X360
Its a great game, graphics are cool,,,,,But lets be honest,its a cheesy game with ridicules mechanics, basically all it is Whoever land the first hit wins,,,,,get a short kick jab and bingo input a long youtube learned combo bread and butter combo,then launch them up and press up and do a team combo, you them build a ton of meter and proceed to input your super combo and before it ends do a quarter circle forward and input and switch to your other team mate to do his super, then repeat,,,,then walla Your all dead,,,

game is great to play with friends, but its really just a guilty pleasure that cant be taken serious by its lake of defense and once you hit and did not land the first hit and you might as well walk away and get a soda,of course it fun the first few times when you do it, But you wanna be a cheeseball gubber and hope you land the first hit and enter you long input string over and over,,,,Lack of defensive options and catering to cheesness of the old broken capcom marvel 2..and then adding on its broken mess by a 100000.

Hoping some day they build a all marvel super heroes 2 game more like Street fighter and go light on the spam cheese factor.

still a must own for when friends are over or for player matchs and just wanna not take it serious , the bonus is that the whole game is broken so it balances it self out