Outgrown because of its ancient predecessor... 'Overrated'

User Rating: 6.5 | Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds PS3
The tale of the tape for this game reveals a few things. After experiencing it for a few hours i wasn't really impressed. Considering the fact that the last marvel game released over 10 yrs ago.. the frantic button mashing that requires no real skill besides knowing the basic "Ryukin" motion move this game inst really all that inviting.

i agree that 10 yrs ago when it was the 1st of its kind and practically brought a whole new depth to fighting game play this game was the art of its era. But now it has no depth or substance just crazy *&^ fighting that makes no real sense or takes no skill. Once you know the sequence of how to release your super move that's all there is and bringing out your characters the same time to do it.

Its not as smooth and textured as SSF4 and the graphical flaws are conveniently and cleverly covered up by high flashing and colorful antics.

Personally i got tired of it after 2 hours and have no interest in playing it anymore. If you appreciate the reterdid just plain mayhem type of fighting then this is for you. This game isn't half as good as ssf4.