MVC 3 is definetely one of the best beat'em ups and best games out there,such epicness that should be played by anyone!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds PS3
MVC 3 is a ultimate fighting games,it sure does have some little things that could be polished on the game,like the game modes,in offline mode you could have more that just the arcade,mission,practice and versus mode,it does lack of some other gameplay modes,but that's not bad at all because you always have mission mode,that has some missions that will be hard,very hard to complete,and you need to get professional to really get the skills to finish every mission.There are around 320 missions to complete,and they get harder after you complete the first missions, as sometimes they could be a pain in the a*S.Altough it is very fun to play,and completely addictive,and the online mode is complete,you have a large variety of modes to choose and play with your friends ;) !Indeed it lacks some modes to get much fun in the offline mode,but that's little to worry,and as long you can play with a friend on vs mode or even get your skills on professional,choose very hard on the arcade mode and you'll get it.In the gallery there is a plenty whole new world,you'll have many many interesting facts about the marvel and capcom world,and in the gallery you can view all sort of things related to this two great worlds,it's a very cool fan service and some curiosities, and all of this make this game a far superior game than the two first games,and this is why you should get this game as fast as you can,even if you are not a fan,you will be pleased to play such game!The characters got to be familiar,at least if you read marvel or you play a lot of games,you have characters from ps3 and ps2 games,and this is why i love the game because i always followed those characters on my ps2 and ps3 games and here they are,reunited to fight the fate of two worlds ;) !GET IT ;)