User Rating: 9.8 | Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (Modem Pack) PS2
The greatest fighting game on the face of this planet.
When you have spent 5 bucks a day on playing this game at the arcade you will agree with me. This game is able to combine all of the things you would want in a fighting game from capcom, speed, skill, challenge, image, and sound, into one amazing game. It is rare currently, and i hope capcom will remake it once more, but for those reading this review, i highly recommend this game to you. It will cost quite a bit, and it will require some patience, but it's worth it all. This game is the greatest game that i have ever played.

Over 50 playable characters.

Incredible visuals.

Amazing combos, team attacks, and more.

This game has it all.