Marvel vs. Capcom; players monetizing their skills by playing online poker?

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I don't know if you guys know Randy Lew or so called nanonoko? Here is a short bio from his website http://www.randylew.comWhile Randy nanonoko Lew was studying Managerial Economics at UC Davis, he was also making a name for himself on the videogame scene. His title of choice was Marvel vs Capcom 2 and he played on the national circuit throughout his time at UC Davis in California. It was there that he encountered players who were making the switch from video games to online poker. Randy opened a PokerStars account, choosing his now well-known screen name nanonoko, and found that his decision making skills and quick-fire reactions, honed playing fighting games, were well suited to high-volume multi-tabling. Randy began routinely playing an incredible volume of hands and soon made a name for himself as one of online pokers most elite cash game players. Did any of you thought about trying that road? I hear a lot of video game players are looking into online poker as the money is bigger. Any view on that? Is it dangerous or is poker also a game of skill? I am pretty tempted to start playing online poker but would first like to read yoru views on that. Do any of you know any good poker website to start? I read some reviews at Guide and am pretty sure I will first try at Lock Poker.