its totally good you will surley love it!!!!!!! but you will only finish the game within only 2-3 days!

User Rating: 10 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PSP
i'ts freakingly awesome like when ghost rider does the action!!!!!!!!!!
ps memphisto is hard and also is blackheart tip: you must be in special mode in order to save princess lilandra and in memphisto's realm choose night crawller because jean gray will mostly return in marvel ult. alliance 2 and too bad wolverine cannot use the taunt in regular mode it has to be comic mission in order to use this thing a taunt is when wolverine does the dirty finger by the claws and of course i would sugget that you would avoid using damnation it only does burn enemy but it also helps ypu do the thing the best group by the way is ghost rider,black panther(of course you need some one with stealt ability),dare devil and silver surfer! in asgard you will need thor in memphisto's realm bring ghost rider in skrull world bring the silver surfer because you will fight galactus there wich is standing 3,000 feet from you because your in the top your only 150 feet from him alright thats all till my next review by the way my name is rockfour1 but if you respect me call me ghost rider! thanks