Very additive at first - then gets repetitive.

User Rating: 7 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PC
The Good - New all time marvel favourite heroes - Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man etc. New large campaign. Good Graphics.

The Bad - Same old material to previous games like X-Men Legends 1 and 2. The combat gets repetitive and lacks character development.

Yes, it is finally here. The long awaited Ultimate Alliance - marvel fans will be pleased with this installation. But! wait until you play this game even a fan like myself can change his mind. Sure it is fun to play and the multiplayer feature allows you to play with friends and others. However, after a couple of hours messing around with Spider-Man and his folks, it then gets awfully repetitive - the quest, the combat, the story etc. It is basically nothing other than button mashing, jumping attacks and limited special attacks. All the enemies feel like they are dumb bots and they all behave the same. The bosses are not much of a challenge and all the heroes are not very different. They are only 2 main special attacks: direct attacks and passive attacks. The campaign is huge and can keep you busy for 20-40 hours maybe. That doesn't mean it is worth it. You will see many familiar characters and villains of the marvel universe but the lack of communication will leave you dazed because of plain boring speech and predictable dialogs.