Marvel ultimate alliance is a great game that really makes the come alive and is loaded with content

User Rating: 10 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PS2
I have beaten Marvel ultimate alliance 6 times already and i never get tired of it because it is loaded with content and depth that will never make you bored i never knew much about marvel and now i feel like an expert as the game teaches you about the universe of marvel. The game mostly focuses on the antagonists of the game the masters of evil as you play as the greatest gathering of superheroes ever put together and you will never get bored as you have a wide selection of characters and costumes to unlock. I highly recommend this game to anybody who is looking for something to do the next few days because this game will definitely suit your needs. As a family game or a single player game this is a game that will last and you will find it growing on you as you are lead through a massive superhero adventure by colonel Nick Fury to stop the leader of the masters of evil Victor Von Doom and the large array of his villainous team.