this is the sickest game i have ever played so far!!!! this is way to good!! BUY IT DONT MISS IT wOLVERINE IS THE

User Rating: 10 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PSP
if you are going to get an game for psp and dont know what to choose, i would pick marvel's ultimate alliance if i were you. this is the absoulte amazing game i have ever played!!!! there are more than 140 characters in this game!! and the background is crazy!!! DR.DOOM is sick in the game.
BUY IT, DON"T MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! out of all the characters i think that wolverine is the best. he is really vicious in the game, keep him in ur team of four he is really usful!!!!!! marvel nemisis is nothing compared to ultimate alliance. this game is ranked the best and most perfect game in my point of veiw!!!!!!