Even if your not a comic book fan you can enjoy this game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance X360
As a comic book fan especially X-Men and Spider-Man, I looked forward to playing this game. This review does not include any downloadable content available because I didn’t download them yet, I am waiting to complete 1000/1000.

Story and Content:
I was pleasantly surprised on how the storyline is woven together to bring together the sheer amount of super heroes and villains within one game. The main mission in each chapter is supplemented my optional goals or mission. These optional goals do twist the main storyline a little that enhances the re-playability of the game. Speaking to people in your headquarters is sometimes not necessary but fills in a lot of comic book history. While speaking to certain NPC characters I got some tidbits on heroes and villains I wasn’t aware of. The simulator missions alone require you to play over thirty different characters.

Game play:
You control one super hero at time in a group of four. While you can mix and match which characters you want in your group, some get certain bonuses if chosen along side each other. As you play the game your group levels with the amount of bad guys they take care of. I wouldn’t say kill because in some instances the same villains come back to fight again. All heroes have basic attack moves you can use but each hero has special moves available that you can use. Some of these special moves become available with costumes you equip on the hero. Along the way you might be able to find items that can enhance the super heroes. Some all the heroes can use while others are specific to the certain heroes. You can also gain levels by playing simulator missions. Completing these missions under certain conditions unlock different suits, skills or items. While fighting in most areas you will be able to find coins, these coins can be used to upgrade the hero’s costumes. Some areas or villains requires some special moves by following button sequences to pass or defeat the villains. With multi-player modes you can do missions together on the same console or online. This option is great as your team mates AI is above average.

Excellent graphics. Each super hero move is showcased and distinctive, you really get to see Spider-Man use his web shooters or Wolverine slice up the bad guys. The backgrounds are done well as they are sometimes breakable. Just in the opening sequences you do see in great detail the Shield Heli-Carrier on fire and under attack while you maneuver along the top of its hull. While the camera angle are great as it automatically rotates and zooms in and out. Only in a few area it remains stationary and takes getting used to. The cut scenes are well like a CGI animated TV show, they are placed in a way they don’t get in the way of playing the game.

Sound and Music:
Music score is decent and chances with different stages and levels. The sound effects are detailed as you hear Wolverine take out his blades or Thor hitting bad guys with his hammer. One thing I like is some of the foot soldiers call for backup or the sayings each hero has after disposing of a bad guy.

You initially have two settings. Once you are used to playing the game and finish it once on normal, you can choose a harder setting. Overall this is not a hard game once you know what you are doing. I found that if your game style is weak against any villain you have a few choices. Use the simulator to level your characters or change the team to suit your needs. Also you can change the costume the super hero has use certain skills that you might require.

Final Thoughts:
The main story line is great and in-depth. It keeps you interested and looking forward to how the story progresses. One thing I did like and was disappointed there wasn’t more of them is puzzles. I like that your have to use intelligence or sheer strength in certain instances. Having a great depth of usable heroes and online play makes the replay value very high. I don’t know if there is anything big component missing from this game. Only thing I didn’t like was the AI can be improved in the foot soldiers where as the bosses are intelligent. I enjoyed playing this game and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid adventure game.