Wow this wasn't what i expected at all....

User Rating: 9.5 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PSP
This wasn't what i expected it was great believe me i have the ps3 version and the graphics may be good for the ps3 but the game isnt really good. But for the psp it was fantastic, many different levels, locations, character with special ability and you can check the users review it says 8.5 but for the ps3 it says 8.0 which makes the psp game enjoyable. Think for the psp users they can say this was better then psp. i personally think that the ps3 is better but considering this game psp won the battle. So psp-251 ps3-432 check on this game was a hit. And maybe the ngp will be better?
The psp was a hit everyone knows. but this game brings out the revelotion in this game very much. Ok since gamespot is being a douchebag i have to talk so comment or message me rate this or comment on this.