Pretty solid dungeon crawler, even better if you enjoy Marvel Heroes.

User Rating: 8 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance X360
I got this game in the Forza/Ultimate Alliance combo pack with my Xbox, but that doesn't mean it was some game I would never play unless it came with my console. I've previously played X-men Legends with friends on their Gamecube, so I was familiar with a hero-type dungeon crawler, and I've played games like Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, and Champions of Norrath. I do quite enjoy the genre and Ultimate Alliance fits terrifically. Each individual dungeon zone is pretty lengthy and you may get lost or confused from time to time, but no challenge is impossible.

If you're into action dungeon crawler RPGs you should probably check this game out. If you're into comics, especially Marvel comics you definitely should check this game out. The game is loaded with bonus sketches and story scenarios for a load of heroes.