Avengers (and other people) unite!

User Rating: 8.5 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance XBOX
Let's start this off to show that a compilation of heroes fighting together has been done before, by both Marvel and otherwise, some have been well received, and others often ignored or panned even. This game, however, has been praised, and it has reasons why...

Story: 7.5 (Evil is in the way, and heroes need to save the world again!)
Graphics: 7.5 (Cut-scenes look good, game-play scenes are okay)
Music: 6.5 (The music isn't really an awing achievement)
Controls: 9.5 (An almost perfect style of controls)
Sound: 8 (Fictional sounds of fighting are okay, voice work is pretty good)

So the story starts out as an attack on Colonel Nick Fury's ship by Doctor Doom, and then several heroes come to assist, while later on discovering a large assemble of villains trying to take over the world, so the heroes respond on doing the same thing against them, and (to avoid spoilers) destruction and surprise happens a lot throughout (not really groundbreaking, just a surprise at some points), and so on...

The game-play is not bad, the combat is too similar, although in terms of "super powers" are close to unique to the respective character (even if they can't do that in the comic books), and a long array of leveling up a character throughout the game according to a pretty nice set-list of skills, even items collected from areas, defeated bosses, and unlocking costumes, unlocking special levels for boss fights, exclusive "single hero" levels, and a lot of information on heroes, villains and other things on the "Marvel Universe", which gives the game an incredible amount of replay value, and constant playability in this game, which makes the game even more worth the thought of buying playing.

My only criticism towards this game is that a team of four, and the combat styles just feel too similar, and it is obvious that having a whole bunch of famous heroes on a video game that is near-perfect and near-impossible, although "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" is close to that "vision". So if you want to try the game, I suggest renting the game or borrowing it from a friend. If you're a fan of super heroes, and or the Marvel Universe, then go for the game and play it!