I couldn't decide which character to play-- that good

User Rating: 8 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PC
Ultimate Alliance is a very nice game with satisfactory graphics and character voices. There are lots of marvel characters to play and I really couldn't decide which one to play since I have many favorites. Finally I decided on Thor.

Good things:
- Many characters with multiple outfit options
- More than 6 powers for each character
- Story line moves pretty nicely
- Cinematics are extremely exciting and fun

Bad things:
- You may get bored talking to each NPC in order to learn how the story goes
- Battles become boring after fighting 2-3 hours. But using special ability powers makes it fun
- If you get obsessed with finding all secret object like me, you may get sick and tired of the game after some time.

During the game, after losing some heroes in the battle, you have to find a save point to revive your team. But finding a save point sometimes gets harder in the game and you have to move on with what you have in your hand. So that is bad in my opinion.