Four words: Lamest button masher ever.

User Rating: 2 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance GBA
Woohoo! everybody's favorite Marvel game is now on GBA! You'd wonder how they'd manage to keep up a four hero frenzy like the console version. But they don't. Nope, some designer probably thought, "Peoples nowadays, they like to press buttons. We'll make a game where you press buttons." And you do press buttons. Specifically the B button, in hopes that one of your badly animated attacks will connect. And after 40 or so tries, they do. After you kill the enemy (whose sprite is basically used over and over throughout the entire game), you get to repeat the same good ol' system until you get to the boss, where you have to dodge their... the graphics are so bad, I can't tell what it is they're doing. I'm pretty sure that Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom don't use slapping as their fighting style.

This is a complete waste of your time. It's a poorly-concealed attempt to leach onto your pocket and drain it of financial essence. If you did accidentally buy it, you know what I'm talking about and you probably want to burn it right now.