Don't believe the hype!

User Rating: 5.2 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PS3
Okay, I went to best buy today in hopes of finding two games worth buying. So I picked up Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Full Auto 2. I heard alot of hype about Marvel and thought it was going to be awesome.

First off, im dissapointed about the back of the box it came in. It praises the combat and such to be innovative. Nonsense, they are just the same if worse than Dark Kingdom. Bland and repetitive. The animations are also extremely off and your allies seem to have a really bad habit of seizuring while in combat and idle. Marvel is one of those games that looks amazing by its cinematics.. but is a total let down when it comes to gameplay. If your looking for a run of the mill top down game, then Marvel may be for you. However, im severly warning you that it doesn't feel as if its worth 60$ at all.