Fun game but too easy! Good for multi player scenarios.

User Rating: 8.5 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PC
If you have played X-men legends I or II, you will easier adapt to the game from the start - though may find it a bit under challenging. I think the game was made simpler in gameplay and possibly the soundtrack/story to cater to a younger bunch.

The game features a huge roster of marvel heroes, particularly some notable heroes who have their own movie (Elektra, Dare Devil, Blade). Ghost Rider the movie came out a little after the game did but after watching the movie - I realised that the voice for the game sucked compared to the voice of Ghost Rider in the movie. But apart from Ghost Rider, the voice acting was very good. I think a better job was done in X-men Legends II (especially for Colossus's voice) but overall it was very good.

I expected more from the graphics dept. for the ridiculously high specs required for the game. You can still play the game on average machines but the frame rate has to be reduced and the graphics settings have to be toned down to the minimum. Scenes with fire or a lot of characters really slowed down the fps rate. Nevertheless, it was still better than the graphics in X-men legends. However when it comes to gameplay, are you willing to trade slightly lower quality graphics for smoother gameplay? I would! I enjoyed X-men Legends II for its fluidity, unlike Marvel Ultimate Alliance that kept slowing down!

The music was ok, but it was constant heroic music which didn't go too well with the story. The overall storyline of the game was good but it is so important to get that soundtrack right. Again, this might sound biased but the X-men legends II music was brilliant for the story (though it was much darker which may not have gone well with younger kids).

Sound effects were average, but maybe I didn't enjoy as much because the graphics kept slowing down and so the sound and visual didn't sync properly.

Controls were simple in my opinion - which is a good thing! Once you set up your keys to the actions, its very easy to play.

Overall, its a nice game for a marvel fan and its a well rounded game. For a non marvel fan, the game would still be good to play in a multi player set up.