The best Superhero game on the market.

User Rating: 9.4 | Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PSP
This game lives up to the hype of being a must have for any gamer who ever liked any comic book character. Marvel Ultimate Alliance picks up where the X-Men Legends series left off and elevates the superhero genre to a whole new level. The graphics on the PSP version of this title give consoles a run for their money. While the screen may occasionally appear crowded with multi-colored figures, it’s easy to distinguish the characters after a small amount of playing time. Most importantly, the beautiful graphics perfectly capture the uniforms and movements that made these characters famous. The sound is also top notch. Effects are high quality, and are accompanied by an epic symphonic background. The voice acting really shines, and for the first time it sounds like the actors actually knew something about the character before reading their lines. The controls are the same as the X-Men legends series. I personally have never played a traditional RPG, and cannot compare these controls to any games from that genre. I do know that the combat system is complicated enough to be interesting, but simple enough to keep action fans satisfied with a steady pace and few load screens. The real value to this title comes in the sheer amount of replay value. With all of the characters, outfits, abilities, and secret missions to unlock, players could easily spend 100 hours on this title. Dedicated fans who want to play through and max out every character and discover every hidden item could spend much more than that. The multiplayer and online stat records are just icing on the cake. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a well-produced title that offers quality in every aspect. The amount of replay value and respect for the source material make this a must own for any PSP gamer who enjoys superheroes or action games in general.